Rabbi Yitzchak Scher

Rabbi Yitzchak Scher is a Rebbe in the Yeshiva of Greater Washington and a senior member of Kollel Zichron Amram.He is a popular speaker around the Greater Washington, D.C. area and is well known for his weekly lunch and learn series. Rabbi Scher serves as the Masmidim Director and Camp Rav of Camp Chaverim in Fannettsburg, PA.
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Intro to Teves and its 3 tragic days Asara B'Teves 51 min
Shevat gives us hope Tu B'Shvat 37 min
Tu B'Shvat- Becoming Fruitful Tu B'Shvat 41 min
Tu Bshvat- look at the trees Tu B'Shvat 52 min
Adar 2 and the Jewish Calendar Purim 37 min
Adar- A Taste of the Future Purim 50 min
Megillas Esther Chap. 1 Purim 46 min
Megillas Esther Chap. 2 Purim 47 min
Megillas Esther Chap. 3 Purim 45 min
Megillas Esther chap. 9-10 Purim 58 min
Megillas Esther Chapter 4 Purim 50 min
Megillas Esther Chapter 5 Purim 41 min
Megillas Esther Chapter 8 Purim 43 min
Megillas Esther Chapters 6-7 Purim 45 min
Purim and Simcha Purim 41 min
Purim- Fantasy and Reality Purim 37 min
Purim: a Day of Tefillah Purim 46 min
Purim: a Day of Tefillah Purim 46 min
Shushan Times- Purim's lesson about how to read the newspaper Purim 50 min
The Power of Prayer on Purim Purim 41 min
Adar and Hester Panim Months Of The Jewish Year 34 min
Av- Separation and Reconciliation Months Of The Jewish Year 43 min
Iyar - Physical and Spiritual Helath Months Of The Jewish Year 47 min
Iyar and Coming to Maturity Months Of The Jewish Year 48 min
Iyar and Our Middos Months Of The Jewish Year 44 min