Rabbi Yitzchak Scher

Rabbi Yitzchak Scher is a Rebbe in the Yeshiva of Greater Washington and a senior member of Kollel Zichron Amram.He is a popular speaker around the Greater Washington, D.C. area and is well known for his weekly lunch and learn series. Rabbi Scher serves as the Masmidim Director and Camp Rav of Camp Chaverim in Fannettsburg, PA.
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Mitzvos 81 - Nedarim and Encouraging Growth Taryag Mitzvos 39 min
Mitzvos 82- Exiling a Killer Taryag Mitzvos 48 min
Mitzvos 83 - Shema Yisroel Taryag Mitzvos 39 min
Mitzvos 84- The Meaning of One Taryag Mitzvos 26 min
Mitzvos 85- The Love of G-d Taryag Mitzvos 40 min
Mitzvos 86- Torah Study Taryag Mitzvos 43 min
Mitzvos 87- Tefillin Taryag Mitzvos 35 min
Mitzvos 88 - Mezuzah Taryag Mitzvos 52 min
Mitzvos 89- Testing G-d Taryag Mitzvos 23 min
Mitzvos 90 - The Seven Nations Taryag Mitzvos 25 min
Mitzvos 91 - Birkas HaMazon Taryag Mitzvos 48 min
Mitzvos 91b - Uncommon Brachos Taryag Mitzvos 52 min
Mitzvos 92 - Loving the Ger Taryag Mitzvos 39 min
Mitzvos 93- The Fear of G-d Taryag Mitzvos 36 min
Mitzvos 95- Eliminating Avoda Zara Taryag Mitzvos 25 min
Mitzvos 96 - Respecting G-d's Name Taryag Mitzvos 15 min
Mitzvos 97- Don't Delay Taryag Mitzvos 40 min
Mitzvos 98- The Right Place to Serve Hashem Taryag Mitzvos 34 min
Mitzvos 99- Shechita and Eating Meat Taryag Mitzvos 44 min
12 Months, 12 Shevatim Moadim 48 min
Patterns of the Year Moadim 55 min
The Darkness of Kislev Moadim 56 min
The Kedusha of the Months Moadim 53 min
10 Plagues- Arov through Shech Pesach 42 min
10 Plagues- Borod-Hail Pesach 48 min