Rabbi Avi Haber

Rabbi Avi Haber serves as a Shoel uMeshiv at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington in Silver Spring Maryland. He gives a weekly shiur on in-depth iyunim on the parsha and is a contributor of chidushei Torah to well-known Torah periodicals. He received his Smicha from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg in Yerushalayim. The following shiurim alternate between an "iyun"-in depth- analysis of a talmudic or halachic idea that stems from the parsha, and a presentation of broad range of well known insights throughout the parsha.

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Vayishlach 5773 Vayishlach 43 min
Vayishlach 5775 - Ulai Yigrom Hacheit Vayishlach 44 min
Vayishlach 5776 - Gid Hanasheh-Assur from Sinai or from Yaakov Vayishlach 40 min
Vayishlach Gid Hanasheh 5774 Vayishlach 26 min
Parshas Vayeshev 5775 - Chalomos Vayeshev 38 min
Vayeishev 5773 Vayeshev 41 min
Vayeshev Yibum bemakom Katlanis 5774 .mp3 Vayeshev 41 min
062 Miketz-Chanukah - Kavsah ein zakuk lah Mikeitz 46 min
Mikeitz 5773 Mikeitz 48 min
Vayigash 5773 Vayigash 47 min
Vayigash 5777 Vayigash 32 min
Vayigash Shiv'im Nefesh 5774 Vayigash 40 min
Vayechi 5773 Vayechi 45 min
Vayechi 5777 -Yaakov Lo Mais Vayechi 33 min
Vayechi Kiddushin, Neshikas Hamess, Embalming Vayechi 37 min
Vayechi part 1 Lo Yasur Shevet Mi'hudah 5774 Vayechi 41 min
Shemos 5775 - Yedeios al Haparsha Shemos 75 min
shemos 5777- should one do mitzvah involving a sakanah before matan torah? Shemos 37 min
Shemos Goy She'heca 5774 Shemos 37 min
Va'eira 5776 - Targum Yonason's Cheshbon of Ages and more Va'eira 73 min
Va'eira 5777 - Osa Va'eira 33 min
Va'eira Kiddush Hashem-Tzefardea Va'eira 40 min
Bo 5775 Arbeh, Choshech, Kiddush Hachodesh Bo 31 min
Bo 5776 - Makkas Bechoros, Night or Day? (Hakdama to Masechta Smachot) Bo 53 min
Bo 5777 - counting the months Bo 41 min