Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky

Harav Ahron Lopiansky is Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Washington. In addition to being giving daily shiurim at the Yeshiva, Rav Lopiansky is sought after an international lecturer and an accomplished author. Rav Lopiansky's breadth of knowledge on the widest array of topics in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol, make this his shiurim all the more inspiring and fascinating. Rav Lopiansky has written a number of seforim in both Hebrew and English as well as a Siddur mfurash.

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Shavuos 5779 Minchas Bikkurim In Halacha and Aggadah (Baltimore Kollel) Shavuos 49 min
Shavuos 5779 Panim B'Panim - The Connection through Torah (Yeshiva - recorded later) Shavuos 30 min
Shavuos 5779 Recognition of Hashem vs. Knowledge of Hashem (Da'as Shlomo) (YISE - 1 Sivan, 5779) Shavuos 39 min
Shavuos 5779 Talmud Torah - The Tree of Life (Centers Health Care) Shavuos 43 min
Shavuos 5779 Torah As Reality (R' Moshe Shapiro - Zeh HaSha'ar, shiyur 7) Shavuos 35 min
Shavuos Moshe, Shmuel HaKatan and Anava (From 10 min)(Derech HaChaim Perek 4 Mishna 20 Part 1) Shavuos 28 min
What was Revealed at the Revelation ( 28 Iyar 5774) Shavuos 51 min
'Mokom' Requires a Challal - Kinnah 12 Tisha B'Av 8 min
A Dependent Nation in the King's Palace - Kinnah 31 Tisha B'Av 6 min
Hakdama Kinnos- The Mo'ed of Tisha Ba'av (5776) Kinnos 19 min
Introduction to Kinnos 5778 Tears are the Language of Desire Tisha B'Av 25 min
Kinnah 06 - Crying and Nichum Kinnos 39 min
Kinnah 06 - Introduction - The Loss of Hope Kinnos 28 min
Kinnah 06 - Introduction, Crying in hidden place, Sustaining our status Kinnos 25 min
Kinnah 06 - Introduction, Moas Beretz Chafetz, Chat Meraglim vs Chat Haegel, We Lost our Gaon Kinnos 27 min
Kinnah 06 - Introduction, Nighttime And Bechi, Etzem Havayaso, Simcha B'mitzvos Kinnos 28 min
Kinnah 06 - Tisha B'Av through Shir HaShirim, Chasing Emptiness Kinnos 37 min
Kinnah 06 5778- Mikdash Works for Us Only When We Appreciate It Tisha B'Av 4 min
Kinnah 07 - Loss Of Hashgachas Hashem Kinnos 4 min
Kinnah 07 - Mikdash - Mokom of Chitun Between Us and HKBH Kinnos 3 min
Kinnah 07 - Remember where we were Kinnos 3 min
Kinnah 07 - Remembering Kinnos 4 min
Kinnah 07 - The End Of A Marriage Kinnos 3 min
Kinnah 07 5778- The Approach to be Meorrair Hashem's Rachamim is To Remind Him of His Earlier Rachamim Tisha B'Av 5 min
Kinnah 08 - Bechiah shel Chinam Kinnos 7 min