Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold

Rav Eliyahu Reingold, Rosh Kollel in the Yeshiva of Greater Washington, spent many years learning in the Telshe Yeshiva and Kollel where he was recognized as one of their foremost talmidim. He taught in the Telshe Mechina before coming to the Yeshiva of Greater Washington. He is a noted Baal Halacha and Baal Mussar, serving as a well-respected posek for the Yeshiva and community. Besides his responsibility in leading the Kollel, he delivers a high level shiur to advanced students, and provides many halacha shiurim throughout the year. His heartfelt weekly mussar shmuess in an inspiration to all.
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Torah and Teshuvah-Parshas Nitzavim-Vayeilech 5777 Nitzavim 59 min
Halachos of Shaimos; Torah as a Shirah (Agudah Parsha Shiur Vayeilech 5777) Vayelech 19 min
Parshas D09 Vayeilach 5779 Vayelech 4 min
Parshas D09 Vayeilech 5775 Vayelech 4 min
Parshas D09 Vayeilech 5777 Vayelech 3 min
Parshas D09 VaYeilech 5780 Vayelech 4 min
Parshas D09 Vayeilech-Shabbos Shuvah 5773 Vayelech 4 min
Rifyon, Chizuk and Torah Lishmah (Parshas Vayeilech 5777) Vayelech 56 min
Teshuva- An Honest Change of Direction- Parshas Vayeilech 5780 Vayelech 48 min
Yemos Hamashiach and Olam Haba- Parshas Vayeilach 5779 Vayelech 40 min
History and Daas Torah (Parshas Haazinu 5777) Haazinu 59 min
Parshas D10 Haazinu 5773 Haazinu 4 min
Parshas D10 Haazinu 5776 Haazinu 5 min
Parshas D10 Haazinu 5777 Haazinu 4 min
Teshuva - The Fight with the Yetzer Hara (Based on Reb Yerucham Z'L)- Parshas Haazinu 5779 Haazinu 27 min
Shabbos 002a Masechta Shabbos 37 min
Shabbos 002b Masechta Shabbos 47 min
Shabbos 003a Masechta Shabbos 46 min
Shabbos 003b Masechta Shabbos 37 min
Shabbos 004a Masechta Shabbos 49 min
Shabbos 004b Masechta Shabbos 36 min
Shabbos 005a Masechta Shabbos 18 min
Shabbos 005b Masechta Shabbos 19 min
Shabbos 005b(2) Masechta Shabbos 34 min
Shabbos 006a Masechta Shabbos 50 min