Rabbi Avi Haber

Rabbi Avi Haber serves as a Shoel uMeshiv at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington in Silver Spring Maryland. He gives a weekly shiur on in-depth iyunim on the parsha and is a contributor of chidushei Torah to well-known Torah periodicals. He received his Smicha from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg in Yerushalayim. The following shiurim alternate between an "iyun"-in depth- analysis of a talmudic or halachic idea that stems from the parsha, and a presentation of broad range of well known insights throughout the parsha.

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Noach 5773 Noach 41 min
Noach 5776 R Yochanan and Reish Lakish pilpul Noach 29 min
Parshas Noach 5777 - M'abed Atzmo Ladaas Noach 58 min
Lech Lecha (Chavala) - 5775 Lech Lecha 43 min
Lech Lecha 5773 Lech Lecha 43 min
Lech Lecha 5776-Pilpul-One Stringent Issur Vs. Multiple Lesser Issurim Lech Lecha 34 min
Lech Lecha Shinui Makom Gzar Din 5774 Lech Lecha 34 min
Parshas Lech Lecha 5777- Kares V'Arriri Lech Lecha 40 min
Vayeira 5775 (Basar Bechalav) Vayeira 42 min
Vayeira 5776 - Is Yishmael Zera Avraham? Vayeira 32 min
Vayeira 5777- is bishul and sreifah synonymous? Vayeira 25 min
Vayera 5773 Vayeira 44 min
Vayera Basar B'Chalav 5774 Vayeira 39 min
Chayei Sara 5775 - Kicha Kicha Chayei Sarah 41 min
Chayei Sara 5776 Bakol, why didn't Yitzchak marry her? Chayei Sarah 41 min
Chayei Sarah 5773 Chayei Sarah 42 min
Chayei Sorah Ein Eved Naaseh Shaliach 5774 Chayei Sarah 41 min
Parshas Toldos 5777 - Rivka 3 or 14? Toldos 40 min
Toldos 5773 Toldos 43 min
Toldos 5775 Tevius Eina Dekala Toldos 29 min
Toldos 5776 Dizygotic or Monozygotic? Yaakov and Eisav Toldos 21 min
Parshas Vayeitzei 5777- Ain M'arvin Simcha B'Simcha Vayeitzei 36 min
Parshas Vayetzei 5775 Vayeitzei 38 min
Vayeitzei 5776 What is "Tefilas Arvis Reshus"? Vayeitzei 29 min
Vayetzei Maariv Reshus 5774 Vayeitzei 38 min