Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky

Harav Ahron Lopiansky is Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Washington. In addition to giving daily shiurim at the Yeshiva, Rav Lopiansky is sought after as an international lecturer and an accomplished author. Rav Lopiansky's breadth of knowledge on the widest array of topics in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol make his shiurim all the more inspiring and fascinating. Rav Lopiansky has written a number of seforim in both Hebrew and English as well as a Siddur mefurash.

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Shemos 5758 When We Reach To HaShem From Our Darkness, He Reaches To Us Shemos 43 min
Shemos 5760 From The Pain Of Constriction, The Emergance Of A New Life Shemos 46 min
Shemos 5761 Hidden Sparks Of Greatness Shemos 37 min
Shemos 5762 Building On Future Greatness (_1) Shemos 37 min
Shemos 5764 Building On Future Greatness (_2) Shemos 48 min
Shemos 5765 The Spiritual Sustenance Of Regrets And Longing Shemos 51 min
Shemos 5766 Yearning For The Good We Glimpsed Shemos 42 min
Shemos 5767 Da'as, Definition and Geula Shemos 48 min
Shemos 5768 The Greatness Of Our Future Shemos 41 min
Shemos 5769 Revelation of His Hidden Name (At Shalavim) Shemos 34 min
Shemos 5771 Shemos 36 min
Shemos 5771 Yearning For The Good We Glimpsed (_2) Shemos 37 min
Shemos 5773 The Promised Future Is Already A Reality Shemos 20 min
Shemos 5774 Four Aspects Of Limud, Avodah and Galus Shemos 45 min
Shemos 5775 Galus and Geulah Shemos 46 min
Shemos 5778 Awakening & Geula (Yishrie Lev) Shemos 38 min
Shemos 5778 Connecting To Your Future (Tehillas Shlomo) Shemos 30 min
Shemos 5778 The Geula Of Realization Of Self (Netiv) Shemos 31 min
Shemos 5778 VaYeilech Ish, The Power of Humility (Aish Beis Midrash) Shemos 27 min
Shemos 5779 - Two Stages To Redemption Shemos 36 min
Shemos 5782 Shemos 36 min
Shemos 5782 - Torah With No Gevul Shemos 35 min
Shiur 074 - Shemos Chayim & Kvura Ba'aretz Shemos 28 min
Shiur 110 - Shmos: Galus And Geulah Shemos 27 min
Shiur 150 - Shemos 5774 Shemos 26 min