Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky

Harav Ahron Lopiansky is Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva Gedola of Greater Washington. In addition to giving daily shiurim at the Yeshiva, Rav Lopiansky is sought after as an international lecturer and an accomplished author. Rav Lopiansky's breadth of knowledge on the widest array of topics in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol make his shiurim all the more inspiring and fascinating. Rav Lopiansky has written a number of seforim in both Hebrew and English as well as a Siddur mefurash.

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The Three Weeks Tisha B'Av 58 min
Tisha B'Av Tisha B'Av 41 min
Tisha B'Av 5773 - (Nesiv HaOsher Perek 2 #9) Tisha B'Av 36 min
Tisha B'Av and the Churban Habayis 7-10-13 Tisha B'Av 41 min
Tisha B'Av and the Churban Habayis 7-10-13 Tisha B'Av 41 min
Choosing Life; The Life That is Yours Chodesh Elul 42 min
Teshuva and The Hollow Heart Chodesh Elul 48 min
07 Ikkarim (Ikkar 4) - Rosh HaShana Rosh Hashanah 42 min
11 Nesiv HaEmuna Perek 2 - Rosh HaShana Rosh Hashanah 30 min
A16 Tiferes Yisroel Perek 2 #4 (Rosh HaShana) Rosh Hashanah 41 min
Derech Chaim Perek 4 Mishna 22 Part 1 Kina, Tiva and Kavod (Rosh HaShana - Going For The Shoresh) Rosh Hashanah 23 min
Derech Chaim Perek 5 , Mishna 22 (Part 3) - Rosh HaShana 5780 Man Over Angels Rosh Hashanah 28 min
Derech HaShem Part IV 8; 4 (#1) (Lakewood Chabura, Rosh HaShana 5776 09-02-15) Rosh Hashanah 45 min
Derech HaShem Part IV 8; 4 (#2) (Lakewood Chabura, Rosh HaShana 5776 09-09-15) Rosh Hashanah 47 min
Ma'amar HaChochma On Rosh HaShana; Malchios, Zichronos & Shofaros (Skype Chabura 5780) Rosh Hashanah 31 min
Rav Dessler on Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah 19 min
Rav Tzaddok HaCohen on Rosh HaShana Connecting To Beyond (Pri Tzaddik Rosh HaShana 14) (5779) Rosh Hashanah 40 min
Rosh HaShana 5773 #4 Shofar And A Deeper Life Rosh Hashanah 26 min
Rosh HaShana 5776 Day 1 The Purpose Of Charadah [recorded later] Rosh Hashanah 34 min
Rosh HaShana 5776 Day 2 Kol Shofar; The Cry Of New Life [recorded later] Rosh Hashanah 33 min
Rosh HaShana 5776 Genuzos & Zicharon (Alumni Gathering, 15 Elul 5775) Rosh Hashanah 24 min
Rosh HaShana 5776 Malchios (Portland 09-07-15) Rosh Hashanah 36 min
Rosh HaShana 5776 The Year That Starts In Poverty (Nesiv HaYissurin Perek 2 #2) (09-10-15) Rosh Hashanah 32 min
Rosh HaShana 5776 Three Dimensions of The Judgement (Sifsei Chaim, 12 Elul 5775 for Zichron Gedaliah Bais Medrash Program) Rosh Hashanah 36 min
Rosh HaShana 5777 As An Individual (Rochester by Skype, 09-18-16) Rosh Hashanah 32 min