Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold

Rav Eliyahu Reingold, Rosh Kollel in the Yeshiva of Greater Washington, spent many years learning in the Telshe Yeshiva and Kollel where he was recognized as one of their foremost talmidim. He taught in the Telshe Mechina before coming to the Yeshiva of Greater Washington. He is a noted Baal Halacha and Baal Mussar, serving as a well-respected posek for the Yeshiva and community. Besides his responsibility in leading the Kollel, he delivers a high level shiur to advanced students, and provides many halacha shiurim throughout the year. His heartfelt weekly mussar shmuess in an inspiration to all.
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Sukkos - Yeshivas Sukkah - 03 - Tavshil of 5 Minei Dagan, Kavana Moadim 6 min
Sukkos - Yeshivas Sukkah - 04 - Layla Rishonah, Sleep Moadim 5 min
Taanis - 1 - Level of Chiyuv Moadim 6 min
Taanis - 2 - Eating Before a Taanis and Before Davening Moadim 6 min
Taanis - 3 - Miscellaneous Moadim 6 min
Yamim Noraim - Shofar - 1 - Basic Mitzvah Moadim 5 min
Yamim Noraim - Shofar - 2 - Extended Mitzvah Moadim 6 min
Yamim Noraim - Shofar - 3 - Details of the Sounds Moadim 7 min
Af Hein Hayu B'osos Haneis ( Chol Hamoed Pesach 5778) Pesach 51 min
Beyond the Seder; Discussions for the Rest of Pesach (2 Nissan 5777) Pesach 66 min
Chametz Found After Bedika; Chametz Shaino Yadua Pesach 44 min
Halacha Shiur- Returned Aveidah with Chametz in it on Pesach (Kenes HaTorah Chabad Pesach 5776) Pesach 31 min
Hanaah Haba Ladam Baal Karcho-Pesachim 26 (5769) Pesach 50 min
Lessons from the Seder as a Response to the Matzav 19 Nissan 5780 Zoom Shiur Pesach 28 min
Makkas Bechoros (3 Nissan 5776) Pesach 35 min
Model Seder: A Halachic Guide to the Pesach Seder Pesach 50 min
Nosei B'Ol and Pesach (17 Adar Shaini 5779) Pesach 29 min
Ownership of Matzah; Chol Hamoed Shiur (Pesach 5774) Pesach 45 min
Personalizing the Passover Story; Adding your Personal Piece (5 Nissan 5776) Pesach 73 min
Pesach - The Importance of Love in Avodas HASHEM, and the Role of Patience ( 29 Adar 5777) Pesach 44 min
Post Pesach Musings- Pakod Pakadti; The Message of Purpose ( 5 Iyar 5777) Pesach 38 min
Seder out of Chaos Version 1 Pesach 32 min
Seder out of Chaos- YISE(2 Nissan 5774) Pesach 58 min
Soft Matzah and Underbaked Matzah (Chol Hamoed 5776) Pesach 54 min
Ten Makkos ,Emunah and Yiras Shamayim( 18 Adar Sheini 5776) Pesach 29 min