Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold

Rav Eliyahu Reingold, Rosh Kollel in the Yeshiva of Greater Washington, spent many years learning in the Telshe Yeshiva and Kollel where he was recognized as one of their foremost talmidim. He taught in the Telshe Mechina before coming to the Yeshiva of Greater Washington. He is a noted Baal Halacha and Baal Mussar, serving as a well-respected posek for the Yeshiva and community. Besides his responsibility in leading the Kollel, he delivers a high level shiur to advanced students, and provides many halacha shiurim throughout the year. His heartfelt weekly mussar shmuess in an inspiration to all.
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The Four Sons and Their Message for Us (22 Adar 5773) Pesach 31 min
The Pesach Purim Shavuos Triangle(18 Adar 5778) Pesach 31 min
The Purim, Pesach, and Shavuos Triangle; Insights into the Haggadah (ZGBM Pre-Pesach Shiur-Rabbi Eli Reingold Shlita)(27 Adar 5778) Pesach 56 min
The Seder is About You ( Girls School, 7 Nissan 5777) Pesach 38 min
The Six Sections of the Haggada and Their Lessons-Parshas Tzav 5777 Pesach 63 min
Time's Running Out, Where's the Afikomen (Agudah Parsha Shiur Tzav-Pesach 5777) Pesach 22 min
Aveilus During Sefirah Sefiras HaOmer 5 min
Halachos of Sefiras Haomer 1- Basic Mitzvah Sefiras HaOmer 4 min
Halachos of Sefiras Haomer 2- Mitzvos Tzrichos Kavana Sefiras HaOmer 6 min
Halachos of Sefiras Haomer 3- Proper Time to Count; Missed Count 1 Sefiras HaOmer 6 min
Halachos of Sefiras Haomer 4- Missed Count 2 Sefiras HaOmer 7 min
Mitzvas Tzrichos Kavana 3; Sefiras Haomer Sefiras HaOmer 4 min
Mitzvas Tzrichos Kavana 5; Sefiras Haomer 2 Sefiras HaOmer 4 min
Pesach Sheini; Haircuts on Friday on 31 of the Omer Sefiras HaOmer 3 min
Sefiras Haomer 1 Sefiras HaOmer 3 min
Sefiras Haomer 2 (Availus) Sefiras HaOmer 3 min
Sefiras Haomer 3 Sefiras HaOmer 3 min
Sefiras Haomer 3 (Lag B'Omer) Sefiras HaOmer 2 min
Sefiras Haomer 4 Sefiras HaOmer 2 min
The Signifance of Omer (9 Iyar 5779) Sefiras HaOmer 34 min
Lag B'Omer ( Short Vort) Lag Baomer 4 min
Lag B'Omer (5779) Lag Baomer 6 min
Lag B'Omer on Yom Rishon (5770) Lag Baomer 4 min
Rebbi Akiva's Response to the Death of His Talmidim, and Lessons for Us (19 Iyar 5777) Lag Baomer 37 min
114 Shavuos - Precision in Speech Shavuos 8 min